All businesses want clients. No clients mean no business. And while those repeat clients are great, few businesses can live on repeat business alone.

How do you rise above your competitors? How do you establish yourself as an authority in your field? The answer to both of those questions is easier than you think, since most businesses already have the tool at their disposal to build up that client list – both near and far.

Your website is the most important tool in your business in reaching new customers. If you read that last sentence and didn’t think it was true, then you’re already behind.

There has been a shift in the way people find products and services, but the pandemic accelerated things. Now shopping is done from the palm of your hand. Smart phones changed the game, allowing people to do their own research before deciding on who they want to work with. If your presence on the web is lacking, then people will pass right by you, or never even find you at all.

There is a reason you started your own business: You felt like you had a better way to deliver a product or service than the way it is currently available, or you have a product or service that wasn’t available. Well done! If you thought there was a need for change, you’re not alone. And people are searching for your product. Your website is the way they find you.

You can have the best product in the world, but if the people that need it can’t find you when they’re looking for it, they’re going to look someplace else. Make sure they’re looking at you.

If a business fine tunes its message with keywords that people are searching for, and then compounds those keywords and search results with even more keywords in blogs, it creates a positive ripple effect felt throughout your business.

It shows the search engines you are serious, and provides expert information to prove to the people that find your website that you’re the expert in the field. Increased information and keywords on your site means better performance on searches, which means more traffic, which means more people finding your blogs, which means even more traffic.

There is no faster way to boosting your presence on search algorithms than by regularly posting blogs. And make sure to put an emphasis on “regularly.” As long as you keep doing it, it will continue to show those search engines you mean business.

But it does not happen overnight – especially if you’re in the “we don’t get any business from our website” crowd. If your website has been ignored, it might take some time to get the fire going. But once you do, if you can stick with it, then it will keep building that base, and you’ll find yourself the top of the search engine rankings, and that phone will keep ringing.

Of course, the blogs aren’t a standalone solution. You might have a business that generates a lot of new customers from things like email marketing or other advertising/marketing campaigns. That’s great! Now use those campaigns to drive people to your website, and stoke those flames even more.

Shift the way your website works, and show the search engines that you mean business. By fine-tuning your content and delivering regular blogs, you can shift those search engines to drive more people to your business.

This is just some very basic information and a quick overview of how blogs work to boost your business and online presence. For more discussion on how blogs can boost your specific website content, reach out to The Paragraph Factory today.